Optimate 3 Battery Charger / Optimizer

Battery Charger & Maintainer Optimate 3

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  • Battery charger for all 12V batteries.
  • Cables included.

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  • OptiMate 3+, unique 12V battery optimizer with diagnostic function
  • for motorcycles and other recreational vehicles, as well as motorized equipment.
  • The Optimate 3+ charger is the evolution of the famous Optimate III SP and is the only charger-maintainer recommended by 8 motorcycle manufacturers.
  • The OptiMate 3+ is available in almost all European countries with 220-240V network.
  • Unlike its competitors, the OptiMate 3+ is able to save very neglected batteries, and despite their claims! .. in addition, it verifies that the batteries are charged as far as their initial state allows, and therefore checks that there are no defective cells.
  • Finally, OptiMate keeps your battery safe in case of long storage, thanks to its gentle maintenance cycle - 30 minutes of rest for each hour of connection.
  • The OptiMate is recommended for all lead-acid and AGM 12V batteries from 2 to 32Ah.
  • However, it can very well be used for larger batteries, it will be enough to simply provide for a longer charging time.
  • Complies with all relevant EN and IEC standards and EC directives.
  • Included in the package:
  • instructions in Italian,
  • 1 cable with pliers (TM-74)
  • 1 eyelet cable (TM-71).
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