Are you looking for the perfect gift for a motorcycle enthusiast?

Do you have someone in your life who lives and breathes the world of two wheels? Whether they are a veteran enthusiast or a newbie passionate about motorcycles, giving an AmericanWheels Gift Card will be like giving a ticket to a universe of passion, speed, and freedom.

Things to know:

- Online Use: The Gift Card is intended for use exclusively in the online shop, excluding physical stores or other channels.

- Validity Period: The Gift Card is valid for 10 years from the date of issuance. After this period, any remaining balance will no longer be usable.

- No Shipping Cost:The Gift Card has no shipping cost! It is, in fact, a digital product.

- Partial Use: If the recipient doesn't spend the entire amount of the Gift Card in a single purchase, they can use the remaining credit in future transactions until the balance is exhausted or until the card expires. Another code will be generated and automatically sent via email; it will be identical but will end with a -2.

- Gift Card Code: To use the Gift Card amount during a purchase, the recipient will need to enter the unique code of the card in the dedicated field during checkout. This code starts with "AW-".

For more information, visit the dedicated section in our Terms and Conditions.

What amounts can I choose from?

Here's a list of available amounts for purchasing the Gift Card. Select the amount you think is most suitable and give an unforgettable experience.









How does it work?

By clicking the button below, you can fill out your Gift Card; choose the desired amount, customize your message, enter the lucky recipient's email address (or yours, if you prefer to surprise them), and complete the purchase.

The recipient will receive an email with your message, the unique Gift Card code, and all the instructions to use it on our website.

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