Multifunction Digital Meter Motoscope Mini Glossy

Motoscope Mini Multifunction Digital Glossy Electronic Odometer

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  • Includes manual, sensor,
  • mini button,
  • cable and 2 screws.
  • With ABE.

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  • The mini motoscope of the motogadget features a multifunctional, compact and ultra lightweight digital instrument.
  • The LED display is a development of motogadget designed specifically for the mini motoscope.
  • The display is an absolute novelty among digital instruments.
  • 251 LEDs form a display that allows error-free readings and various programming.
  • Thanks to the elegant design and the superb functional and visual quality, the mini motoscope adapts to all custom two- and four-wheeled vehicles whether they are Fighters, Low Riders, Sports Bikes, Enduro, Super Moto or even Quad, Mini-moto, Scooters and custom cars.
  • The mini motoscope must be mounted in sight se you want to improve the look of your vehicle or mounted hidden for a clean look!
  • Finally, for weight freaks: a bike odometer cannot weigh less than 32 grams, cable included.
  • The mini motoscope includes manual, sensor, mini button, cable and 2 screws.
  • With ABE.
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